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What is the Premack Principle?

A 'not so science-y' approach to behavior

The Premack Principle, better known as, “first, then” is often used in ABA sessions. For example, “First clean up your toys, then we can color”. The Premack principle is used to motivate individuals to engage in a task that has a lower probability of being engaging in; once the lower preferred activity is completed, then the individual is granted access to something reinforcing.

Updated: Nov 22

Feature Article

Potent Reinforcers

The success of reinforcement procedures depends on the effectiveness of reinforcers used. Some types of reinforcers come in the forms of food, toys, social interaction, praise and activities. Important factors to consider when choosing a reinforcer are how desirable the reinforcer is and the learners reinforcer preferences. Informal and formal are two types of methods used when choosing reinforcers for learners. Below is a table that outlines the two types of methods.