Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy

We take care of everything.
At Rainbow ABA Therapy, we work wit insurance companies and insurance coverage every day and get answers quickly so your child can begin to get services as soon as possible.

ABA Therapy is covered by most insurances.

Whether you insurance type is self-funded, group, individual, in-state, out of state, or private, we can verify your coverage benefits and outline the details for ABA therapy services.

Based upon your eligibility, you may receive up to 100% coverage or low co-payments with annual deductibles.

ABA Therapist meeting with ASD child

Don’t let the cost of therapy or lack of coverage deter you from getting the services your child needs.

Our insurance team will identify services covered under your specific insurance plan and coordinate with your insurance provider on your behalf to obtain approval for ABA therapy.

We know which insurances cover us and which don’t. Instead of spending time trying to figure out if your insurance covers ABA therapy, give us a call.

Here’s just a few of the Insurance Companies we work with:

Don’t see yours?  Call Us, Chat or Click to Apply for Services 

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