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Sara Jacobovitch

HR Lead Manager

Sara Jacobovitch is Rainbow ABA’s HR Lead Manager. Within her role, Sara is dedicated to maintaining a fair, diverse, and thorough hiring process and is extremely passionate about individualizing client/staff assignments. Sara has always been steadfast about the wellness of children and providing them with as many opportunities for success as possible.

Previously, Sara served as an enrollment coordinator at a charter school in an underserved area. She spent countless hours volunteering and tutoring children with differing abilities. This is when she discovered her love for working with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities. Sara is the founder of Little Legends, a company rooted in children's fashion. She recently left her position as CEO of Little Legends to focus her efforts on building brighter futures for the learners here at Rainbow.

Outside of her Rainbow adventures, Sara loves spending time with her four children, going on nature walks, and coming up with new ways to aid in the growth and development of her family.

Sara Jacobovitch
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