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Our Mission

We strive for a world where individuals are recognized only for their strengths and where individuals and their families have equal access and opportunities to high-quality ABA Therapy that will enrich all lives.

Our Vision

We will continue promoting equality by hiring both neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals all while ALSO striving further to outreach to a multitude of urban and inner-city communities. 

DIR Floortime Strategies


Diversity | Equity + Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion refer to differences in race/color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, sex, gender identity, age, country of origin, religious or spiritual beliefs, and socioeconomic class as per the EEOC. Diversity and inclusion also refer to universal access and/or equity pertaining to behavioral health supports. 

Rainbow ABA Therapy encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion in the organization as a whole as well as in the clinical work done with our clients.  We are committed to this as a key-value and to upholding the highest standard as an organization.

We strive to actively collaborate with clients, preferred partners, and within the organization itself with those who share the same goal of creating a more inclusive environment for all.

​Our ongoing efforts include quarterly self-assessments via the National Center for Cultural Competence through Georgetown University to review performance in the areas of cultural competency and diversity. This process is conducted with all employed Board Certified Behavior Analyst’s during their performance quarterly review with the Clinical Director. Results are analyzed and graphed each quarter to ensure agency-wide competency in these areas. Additionally, staff are required to complete a 4-part Cultural Competency Training via DirectCourse. This thorough training focuses on the importance of cultural competency, as well as how to best apply this knowledge within our client's homes. Rainbow ABA Therapy is proud of our diversity and inclusion efforts and aims to spread more awareness by continuously refining and evolving our trainings on an ongoing basis.